GPShare - Secure File Transfer

Welcome to GPShare!

  • Want a fully secure & encrypted file transfer service?
  • Want to reduce your print and postage costs when it comes to insurance/solicitors reports?
  • Want to find a better way of delivering your SARs to your patients?
  • Want a solution which doesn't require your recipient to create an account?
  • Want a solution which is NHS approved and IG compliant?

What does GPShare offer?

GPShare is a fully encrypted, fully secure, file transfer service, with your data remaining within the boundaries of the UK throughout its entirety. Send those important files and documents securely to your recipient in seconds. We do not put a limit on how many files you upload or the size of those documents – our focus is to ensure your data is delivered to the recipient securely and efficiently.

Receive notifications when they have been received, viewed/opened as well as downloaded. Sent something by accident? No problem, you can easily recall a document(s) at the click of a button, meaning your data is no longer viewable/downloadable to the recipient (assuming they haven’t already downloaded it already).

Accessible from a secure web platform, this has been designed predominantly for those in the General Practice/NHS arena but also other sectors/industries who have a requirement to send secure information & documentation.

The GPShare platform offers a number of benefits, some of these including:

  • A fully secure and encrypted, NHS/IG approved, file transfer service
  • Easy to use portal
  • Fully auditable system, detailing when files where sent, when they were opened and how many times

Data retention is a big issue to consider, that’s why we only hold your files for a maximum of 14 days then they are erased from the servers permanently. Even our highest level of administrators cannot see the contents of your files or the secure notes you add to your transfer, therefore you can feel assured your data is completely protected at all levels.

Data Security & Protection

GPShare is committed to ensuring your data is stored securely and safely. That’s why all your data remains within the boundary of the UK at all times and is encrypted at every opportunity (from upload, whilst sitting on our servers, through to download) using a 256-bit AES encryption. Not only that, but we only hold your data for a maximum of 14 days before it is electronically destroyed.

Easy to Use

We have designed this system to be as easy as possible. For example, to send a transfer from PDF (or similar) file creation, takes only 30 secs. Not to mention it is fully auditable, so you can be notified once it’s been delivered, accessed as well as downloaded. Sent something in error, no problem, you can recall your data from being published by the click of a button.

Watch How Easy It Is Here

NHS Approved & IG Approved

At GPShare, we have done everything possible to be approved by the NHS – which includes completion of the Data Security & Protection Toolkit (DSPT). From data security, through to data retention, we have developed this system with the processes and procedures of the NHS in mind. We are ICO registered too!