GPShare - Overview

We understand that using new technology can be daunting and that’s why we have designed GPShare in such a way, that even those who are less IT literate/confident, could send a transfer with ease - it’s like sending an email with attachments, so has a familiar feel for those using the platform.

How long does it currently take you to print, prepare and send a medical record for an insurance company? 20 minutes? 30 perhaps? Did you know you could achieve exactly the same outcome, in less than 90 seconds? Let us show you how quick and easy it is:

What can be sent?

Anything and Everything!

Here are a few examples of what we see go through the platform:

  • Copies of Medical Records
  • Copies of Medical Records
  • Documentation for Solicitors
  • Documentation for Solicitors
  • Patient reports to the Police
  • Patient reports to the Justice system
  • Paperwork to Local and County Councils
  • GP Reports
  • Doctors Letter
  • Blood Forms
  • MED3 Certificates
  • X-Ray Forms
  • Death Certificates
  • Cremation Papers
  • Invoices

We are often asked ‘what is the process we need to go through before sending via GPShare?’. The answer is simple, do exactly as you do now, just do not print!

Here is our quick step guide to preparing your work ready to be sent:

  • 1) Export data from the clinical system as you normally would do
  • 2) Redact as you normally would (if required)
  • 4) If necessary, scan paper records (Lloyd George’s) to PDF (instead of copying them)
  • 5) Upload all documents you have prepared to the GPShare platform
  • 6) Send!